A Guide to Birdwatching in Skåne, Southern Sweden

192 pages, 50 maps, 120 colour photos.
Size: width 145 mm, height 215 mm.

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Anser Suppl. 55. ISBN 978-91-86572-42-6

Skåne, Sweden’s most southerly region is shaped like a peninsula that protrudes into the Baltic Sea. Situated on the boundary between Central and Northern Europe, it offers a varied and beautiful landscape and a very rich birdlife. 50 of the main bird sites in Skåne are described in detail in A Guide to Birdwatching in Skåne, Southern Sweden.

The book is amply illustrated with colour photographs and maps. You will be taken on a journey to coastal areas, wetlands, woodlands, lakes and other environments, describing the richness in both nature and birdlife that can be experienced in southern Sweden. Falsterbo in particular – the south-western point of Sweden – and one of the foremost migration sites in Europe, offers the visitor a fantastic experience.

Skåne is easily reached from most parts of Europe and has much to offer at any time of the year.

The book also contains information about
• when to find the birds in Skåne
• where to find some of the most interesting species
• what mammals and reptiles can be seen

Additional information about
• the region of Skåne
• the Right of Public Access (allemansrätten) in Sweden
• other events of interest to ornithologists

The book was written by various ornithologists, each with an excellent local knowledge.

Edited by Arne Ohlsson.
Graphic design and layout by P-G Bentz.
Foreword by Mark Cocker.

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